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Békés Tex

Welcome to BékésTex

Discover the heart of Hungarian craftsmanship nestled in the beautiful
countryside. We take pride in being the driving force behind renowned luxury
brands since 1998. Our tradition spans generations in crafting impeccable
garments (specialized in jackets and coats).

Our products are crafted in our designated garment factory focusing on high-
quality down jackets and formal wear, with experience ranging from smaller collections to designer pieces.

We meet the highest quality standards in short lead times.

Why Choose Us?

Experience and Reliability:

With over 25 years of OEM and ODM manufacturing experience and our maximum reliability, we guarantee that yourprojects are in the best hands.

Custom Solution for Any Order:

Our flexible manufacturing capabilities allow for the production of larger quantities of apparel products to meet your specificneeds

Quality and Precision:

Utilizing innovative technologies and the latest manufacturing processes, we deliver the highest quality products. Our highly skilled professionals perform and supervise every step of the manufacturingprocess.

Communication and Relationship:

With our flexible team, we are always available to assist you, whether it's a simple quotation or answering morecomplex questions.

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